Welcome on the fiduciary-registration website!

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary (meaning “faith” or “trust”) prudently takes care of money for another person.

For InDiCu, the fiduciary role is handled by a single, trustworthy person:
Mr. Philipp ter Haar, lawyer and Master of Business Administration.

Mr. Philipp ter Haar does not belong to InDiCu, but is a service provider to InDiCu.

His only role consists in safeguarding your personal data and facilitating your payments.

He is the only single person to know both your user name and bank account information. On the other hand, he has no access to what you were asked or what you delivered.

You can on this website register with the fiduciary in order to get the rewards of your work on www.indicu.com

The link is the anonymous user name that both InDiCu and Mr. ter Haar know.

Upon signing up on www.indicu.com, you create your anonymous expert profile with your areas of expertise. You need to sign up a second time with the fiduciary to assure the personalized payments.